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Another from the 10th of December 2015.

Sleepless nights drowning in caffeine,
enduring stabs and blows.
Black and blue,
on every inch of your heart,
it's dripping blood.
Your mentality,
on the verge of falling apart,
at the cliff on sanity,
hanging onto a brittle vine,
your fragile willpower.

Living through a competition,
that's all you do,
dreading to be compatibile with the world,
chasing after fantasies,
how are you not tired?

Exceeding yourself is enough?
Likely story.
Be better than the rest,
till there's no time for rest.
It's more legitimate, this way.
No breaks in life,
work hard and break yourself.
Achievement is all you need,
make everyone happy,
make them proud,
someone else,
but yourself.

Fighting through life,
for pieces of paper,
mere yet it makes one,
merely sane.
We are barely living.
It makes me so insane.

What am I living for? I wonder once or twice in while.


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