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Pain from 20.12.2015

My head can't stay still,
throbbing against my skull.
Floating about,
stepping on clouds,
the crown tightens,
limiting my thoughts,
I can barely move.

Dreading to see you,
your eyes forming a thin line,
your curved lips,
your smile.

My head's splitting into half,
I want to see your face, still.
I rolled about,
searching for a slight bit of comfort,
searching for you.
I breathe out your name,
through fragile whispers.
But everything remained the same,
my pain didn't subside,
you never came.

My world's falling apart,
I fell before it,disintegrating into dust.
No one asked,
nobody cared,
as my world turned pitch black,
I saw your face.

I literally wrote this while having a headache. When you feel it the most, it's when you write the best, isn't it?


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