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Date: 28.12.2015

Hey! Haven't been updating as I had no wi-fi and no phone for A WEEK. That was a great experience and I hope to transfer my thoughts and feelings during the almost-radiation-free week into a poem but that will have to wait. Anyway, I spent a week at my grandma's and grandpa's, it's the same place but don't ever neglect THE GRANDPA <3. They were both there, anyway. It was a great week with great company, excessive Taiwan hokkien dramas, photography, jogging and FOOD. I was almost never hungry, really, even after I jog, there's always food in the house. I had at least four packs of Pocky in a week, I am not joking. But honestly who wouldn't, if the house was stocked up with Pocky, besides, I shared them. It was a great spot for quench my photography thirst though.


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