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Dear World,

  It's 29th February 2016, which happens every four year. It's not generally celebrated but I think it deserves a bit of attention, plus Leonardo Di Caprio won his very first Oscar award as the best actor, for The Revenant. (Well, according to UTC+08:00:00, it's February 29th). SO HAPPY LEAP YEAR DAY FOLKS. 
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How’s your Monday going so far? Well, mine was pretty mundane. (I am an absolute sucker for puns, excuse that *apologetic smile*) I spent my morning watching Korean dramas that I lost track of due to excessive movie sessions with my parents during the weekend. Out of all the movies I watched, San Andreas was pretty good, I watched it yesterday and I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. The outcomes were pretty much predictable but it was definitely worth my time. You should give it try if you are up for disaster/thriller films. I know, the reviews given were pretty bad but I still liked it, it wasn’t the best movie but I think it was good enough.

Besides, I also went to Golden Screen Cinemas last week to catch Ola Bola before the screening stops. After witnessing the excitement all over the social media, I decided to give it a try since it was a Malaysia production film. So, here are some thoughts after the movie.

Generally, I enjoyed it a lot, all the way from the humour to the heart touching scenes. Aside from the fact that it got rather bland in the middle of the movie, it is something that I would call a good movie. Even if I wasn’t even born during the 1970s, I still felt the pride as a Malaysian. The unity of between races was highly emphasized throughout the movie, it was one of the elements that I could relate to and felt it deeply. Here’s a line from the main character that touched me a lot, ‘Kita lain warna kulit, tapi kita sama-sama makan nasi lemak’ (We have different skin colour, but we eat Nasi Lemak together) <-not the exact words but something like that. I think, it’s a very beautiful thing that so many races could live together in the same country as one, though racial issues arise from time to time, but I would consider our country a peaceful place.

How did this turned to a movie discussion post? I wonder. But seriously you should try those two movies out. Have a great day ahead!!! And I am going to drop this beautiful track by Zee Avi here. It was one of the OSTs of Ola Bola.

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