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Last poem of the year 2015.

Inhale. Exhale.

Wrinkles creeping onto your forehead,
the sides of your aging eyes,
reminiscing the days when I was a child.
The top of your head,
spotting white,
I wish we had more time.

Words we exchanged,
floating across my head.
Blazing sunshine,
starless night sky,
we held onto friendship and fate,
that were meant to last a lifetime.

Your smile flashed across my mind,
eyes forming a thin line,
dimples surfacing sneakily.
I wish you were mine.

Torn apart by land and sea,
don't ever compromise.
You may be out of sight,
but you remain in my mind.
We are under the same sky.

The clock tower chimed,
fireworks illuminated the dark sky,
the last slot on my digital calendar,
flipped along with the rest.
An end and a beginning,
of a year and another

Inhale. Exhale.
I might have had you by my side, my whole life, or met you along the way. Be a guest or an eternal resident, I thank you nevertheless, for all we had and shared. Have a great year ahead.


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