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Last post from the year 2015.

Hello, this would probably be the last post of 2015. I am slightly sentimental about it, honestly. It has been about a month since I started this website and I haven't been getting much responds, it's saddening but I guess, I should try harder. Sure, there were friends telling me personally about my blog but not a stranger, not yet. I will be waiting for your comments~~~

Anyway, I wouldn't say this year flew by, but it was one of the best years for me. It was the most challenging year I had so far, I achieved so many milestones in this blessed year and I am eternally grateful for everyone that helped me along the way. I grew and matured throughout these 365 days, I knew much much more about myself. It's a breakthrough.

I graduated high school, sat for the national exam (SPM), met new people (definitely one of the best parts of the year), explored so many new places and leaving my comfort bubble, in general. There are just too many to be listed out, so I cut it short with "comfort bubble". I made memories that I would treasure for life; some I wished that could be thrown away, deleted.

It was also a year I discovered my love for korean hiphop and writing poems (the two EXTREMES, I know). Korean hiphop allows me to be lost in my world while poems are my stress-relievers. They are the major comforts that makes my everyday better, in so many ways. If you are interested in listening to korean hiphop, I strongly recommend songs from the AOMG record label and you should watch Show me the money and Unpretty Rapstar, which are my favorite rap competition TV series. But, they can get pretty extreme, which includes excessive swearing, they are rappers, after all. If you like poems then read my poems, jk, but I don't really have favorite poets, but I do enjoy poems on RookieMag. They have a poetry roundup every month, which is where they post poems submitted by their readers.

And I actually really sleepy right now but I must...GO ON! So, like I said it was breakthrough year for me. I definitely outgrew myself and became a person that I would never fathom to become when I was a child. I learned so much through experiences and people in life. There are two things that I will always keep in mind:
Never be afraid to voice out, to show the world who you really are. The whole world isn't always     there to judge you, there will ones that are willing to listen, willing to lend a helping hand. Always, always, always appreciate and be grateful for what you have.

That's all for now! Have a great night and HAPPY NEW YEAR. (when it's time at your time zone)


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