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Mild regrets from 11.12.2015

In the crowd,
you stand,
black suit,
leather shoes,
I followed the shade of maroon you had on.

Yours eyes searched the crowd,
they never caught mine.
Round and round,
I passed by you,
part of the crowd.

Blending in as a wallflower,
I can still see you.
Look up,
what's so interesting on the ground?
I wanted to say,
so bad,
but who was I?
Just another part of the crowd.

Stealing glances,
at the flight of stairs,
longing to see your pair of leather shoes.
They never came,
nor did you.

One last look,
the only one on the platform,
I boarded the train,
along with mild regrets,
they will fade away,
with your leather shoes.

Will they ever cross paths again? Your leather shoes, my sneakers.

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