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I made a Weebly website at a spur of the moment, right after my spm exams. (literally the day after) I had enjoy the amazing features that Weebly had in supply for website creators for two months and a half up till now. Then, I started to ponder whether Weebly was the right platform for me, as an amateur blogger in various manners and considerations. Sure, Weebly had all those cool add-ons that can be added in all my blog posts but I have came to think that, it made everything overly complicated and I would have to spend hours on a mere blog post.

So, I decided to leave all the features on weebly and move here. Not that I saying a blog on Blogger is easier to be managed but after my endless and proper research, I realised that Blogger is just right for me. On another point, post a new post on Weebly is definitely a torture on my 3 years old laptop. The loud sound of the laptop fan was still audible with music on, which is pretty bad because I can barely hear anything while I type this.

Eventually, after a few hours of contemplating, I decided I would go through the pain of recreating a new site and possibly coping everything from my weebly site. (It's literally a huge pain for a html dummie like me, to create a website TWICE)

Anyway, cheers for a new start. I hope all of you stay by.❤️

P.S. Bless FleeceFun for tips on importing the RSS feed from weebly and WeeblyRSS for generating my RSS feed. 


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