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Dear World,

  I am using this form for all my blog posts starting from today, mainly because I think letters  give a very warm and sincere feeling. I generally enjoy receiving letters, though I rarely do. This is the closest thing to an actual handwritten letter that I can manage and I really want to warm hearts even by a little. 

  So, during the weekends, I had an unexpected lunch out with my father and he brought me to this rojak and cendol place around my area. I can't be very specific about the location, but the rojak and cendol vans were parked somewhere near the morning market at Seksyen 17. 

We only had the option to sit on the plastic stools placed on the aisle in between the vans and the market. 

The location wasn't very desirable but I would consider it as hygienic enough for  rotating vans. Since the weather was pretty sunny and hot, some of the customers opt. to eat in their own cars, with the air conditioning as a hideout from the scorching sun. The portion was somewhat large as you can see below. We ended up with the basic Rojak Telur with the price of RM 4.50. I would say that the best part of the rojak was its lightly spicy sauce and the ever-amazing tauhu. 

We chose to take away our cendol from the other van because our stomachs were literally bloated with rojak. Take away costed 50 cents more than dine-in so it was RM 2.50 per pack. However the portion given was a lot more for take away compared to dine-in. Personally, the cendol tasted average probably because of the excess ice in the pack, which made the taste slightly bland.

On a side note, the rojak was really worth the sweat that I shed under the sun. You should try it if you ever pass by a huge crowd of people with two vans next the Seksyen 17 market or maybe, just go all the way there to experience the taste of it.

That's all for today. Have a great night and sleep well.

Weather: drizzle along with chilly wind
Mood: laid back and relaxed. 
Song: Felicity-Sungha Jung

Lots of love,


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