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From 1.1.2016

I am exhausted,
not being able to understand you,
your thoughts,
your bright ideas,
not a single word.
Trying so hard makes me,
fall out of place,
spin round and round at square one,
it's the same,
it was never my forte.
I am quitting this game.

Surrounded by this sea of confusion,
it's a fusion of frustration and agitation.
My turbulent state of mind,
violent waves.
When will I ever escape? (save me)
I want to leave this place.
This river of sorrow,
was never my place,
nor will I stay,
I should just swim away.

My lungs suffocate,
leaving me astray,
for I am sinking in,
with you pulling me down

I wrote this while I was studying. It applies well, doesn't it?


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