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I wrote this back in 3.12.2015, a few days after I left high school.

​Crawling out of bed,
relentlessly reluctant,
at the cue of the 6:30 alarm.
The door of my room,
a line between hell and heaven.
Tugging the creaseless pinafore,
slipping on white socks and black shoes,
out of my front door,
entering the school gate,
a line between hell and heaven.

Sleeping hours ranging from 2 to 15,
it’s getting out of hand.
I am falling apart,
but my willpower was the upper hand,
to keep my grades from slipping away,
like my sanity.

Scrunching my face along the hallway,
you put a smile on it,
yes, you did,
at least once in this half a decade.

Moving from one class to another,
passing by one another,
pausing slightly to share a smile,
and silently counting the hours left,
to hear the glorious sound of the bell.

Every spot and corner,
our shadows,
on the school grounds.
Amplified conversations in the canteen,
hushed ones in the library.
See you tomorrow at the front gate,
an alteration to I hope I see you again.

The sea of blue, white and purple,
blurred in front of my eyes,
when I left two days ago,
for my mind is unwilling to let go,
you and me,
our half a decade.


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