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From 10.2.2016

Two weeks after spm (major major major national exam), I made a trip to Sepang Gold Coast with five of my friends as well as kc's family. Since kc reads my blog now, I would like to say that I am so glad that you invited me along, this trip was truly an eye-opener and I am so satisfied with the pictures I took. Like I said in my previous post, the place was camera-ready all day, all night. If you enjoy photography, make sure that you go there before you die. Add it on your bucket list. 

So, the day started after we had about an hour drive along with excessively talking and a hearty meal at a nearby stall (the chicken was huge), we arrived at the long-anticipated AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort around 2pm.

Since our villa wasn't ready, kc's mom brought us around for a tour in the resort, but I couldn't remember the names, I am pretty sure the one we stayed in was The Ivory. The choice of transport provided within the resort are buggy rides and bicycles. For the tour around the resort, we all took the buggy ride. 
The first picture I took when I arrived, it's not the best, but it's the first after all.
We stayed at trunk 4
the view from the backseat of the buggy

the view from our balcony

I see the sea!!!
the fancy bathtub, that we all went crazy for

When our villa was ready, we went in and settled down for a short rest before our immediate trip to the sea. We went to the swimming pool right after the sea, we were a little insane, I admit it. 

After washing off chlorine water and salt water all at once, we went off to dinner at a resort restaurant, Sepoi-Sepoi. The serving was huge, but we had to pay a huge price for it too. I ordered Penne Bolognaise and Mocha, the Mocha was really good but the pasta was average for the price they charged.

Solar lights during the day
Solar lights during the night

The restaurants had solar lights as decorations the place, if only my camera took better quality photos at night, it looks really beautiful in real life, I swear. 
After dinner, all of us were so stuffed, to the point that we would express it as pregnant. After a short trip on the buggy, while the others took bicycle, Afaf's and my dignity couldn't take it anymore. We decided to learn how to ride a bike. It was challenging alright, it also involved a lot of screaming, cuts and bruises, not just ours but our dedicated teachers <3

The drizzle forced us back into our villa for a good night rest along with Monopoly cards, Maze Runner accompanied by a lot more squealing and giggling until the late am. 

I woke up to this, I couldn't help but smile.

I couldn't help but think of Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan while staring at the sea. Search up the music video on Youtube, Troye Sivan's aesthetic sense is GOD level, I not even joking.

We washed up after allowing the sea breeze caress our faces, and went out for our breakfast buffet. Almost everything at breakfast tasted really good, but I didn't want to take too many pictures. (I don't know but it felt really rude) After that, we had a 20 minutes bicycle tour around the beach and the countryside. Since I couldn't cycle, I took a couple bike with the tour guide, I could even record the scene along the way without falling off the bike, which I personally thought as a miracle. 

view on the bike, from my pov

Afterwards, we went canoeing. Canoe was a sport, that I couldn't possibly marvel myself doing, yet amazingly I did pretty well. it was almost perfect coordination with my canoe partner <3. 

find me

Then we went by the pool for a slight dip and headed back to our villa to get some sleep that we were supposed to get from last night. After a Maggi hot cup, I was the second to go to bed while some of them stayed up to watch Avatar. They eventually finished the movie and went to bed, while I woke up and went out for my little adventures. I made two trips, one with Sharon, another with Syaqeerah. My little photography hunt can be viewed HERE

When every single one of them rose from their beds, we made way to Bila-Bila, which was located near the pool and the clubhouse for our feast on pizza whilst enjoying the fire performance. I had to sit and wait for my breath to come back after the astounding 20 minutes.
if only my camera captures high quality pictures at night

After a hearty meal, we went back to the hotel, had a quick rest before the bicycle learning session. I was the only one that was learning on that night since Afaf had a fever and was resting in bed. That was the night when I could finally pedal on my bicycle for about four round on the wheel on the first try, followed by numerous failures, plus the cut and bruises that my friends had to endure due to their horrible student. We went back in around 11 as some weird noises were crawling up our spines. After the fast retreat, we all took a bath and gathered around the living room for a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie session. Dosing off one by one, I doubt we actually completed the movie that night. ​

The next morning, we rose up slightly later than usual for breakfast. I had a slight headache so I didn't eat as much as I did the day before, but the omelette was still my favourite thing. Then we went for a planned photography session by the beach. 

We went by the three bedroom villa showroom to have a look, and it was the definition of luxury. According to kc's mum, an old Japanese couple actually bought one of the three bedroom villa and are currently living there all year round. It must have cost a fortune when a night stay is approximately four thousand ringgit. 

After make-believing that we were super rich kids chilling at our personal villa momentarily, we went back to our villa to pack. Don't get me wrong, the villa we live in is absolutely amazing as well, but the three bedroom villa was just a whole new world, that was never in my league. After packing, we binged on the junk food we brought along and had another Harry Potter movie session (this time, it's Deathly Hallows pt.2). The buggy ride arrived at around 2, and we had to eventually bid goodbye to the beautiful villa that hosted us for three amazing days. 

And we went back to reality.                                                                  SEPANG GOLD COAST PT.1



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