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From 24.1.2016

Hello, it has been a while since my last update. I went over to my friend's place for a good four days, we made total-failed brownies and basically did lots of weird things that three girls can possibly do together. But anyway, I just wanted to talk about studies today. friends to school to studies. 

I was stumbling through the net to look up on courses, colleges, scholarships and et cetera. And honestly, all the choices available made me super confused and dumbfounded, so I decided to take a "What to study?" sort of test, here's the link:
The website indeed gave me a pretty good insight to all the available pre-u courses, such as a-level, adp, ausmat and et cetera. I personally thought, it was pretty helpful, if you still a lost lamb, I strongly recommend you to have a look at the website (EduAdvisor), just click on the study test button and go to home. Check out everything on the navigation bar!!!

As for scholarships, I have another link for all of you: 
Scholarship information is also available on the EduAdvisor website, just take a look at everything, doors are open. Take all the chances, I am planning to have plans until Plan Z, like plan B until I reach alphabet Z. Well, so that I don't end up living up on the crossroad, trying to figure out which way to go.

That was the surface talk about studies, everything after this is strictly optional. (well, actually every word here is optional but okay) 

Well, I may not seem like it, or maybe I do, you barely know me, I really did gave my tertiary education quite an amount of thoughts. Sometimes I really do envy the ones who are so sure what to take on in future, and end up living successfully, lastly buried into ground. But still, until the last moment they still knew exactly what to do, what they truly love, what they really want in life. But...I am just a lost child, who doesn't know what she really likes, well other than procrastinating, tumblr, words and way too many songs. Being 18, makes me so afraid, at the same time, very excited about college and slight bit of ecstasy on growing up. I really want to go out there, meet new people of all sorts and keep taking pictures and keep writing. I am excited when I barely know what to do next, well other than going on Youtube after this and proceed on watching 6768049 videos before dinner.

I have been on break for almost two months and to be really honest, I haven't been doing much. I did some reading, restudy Japanese basics, picked up my guitar once more and catching up with friends. And that was it. I see some of my friends leaving the country, going to college, that made me thought so deeply about myself and what was I going to do after this. Studying something I really like, some place I really like, with great people? I have fantasies, but they aren't bound to come true, at least not all of them. Okay, so if they all really come through, then what am I going to do next? Enter work life? Like everyone else? or am I going to be different? What's going to happen to this blog, I wonder. I will try to keep updating but I might not be able to, I might give up half way through, anything can happen in life, the internet could be shut down forever (touch wood!)

I know if I keep babbling everyone would just stop reading and leave, was anyone there in the first place? I just wanted let out a portion of all sorts of things that had been in my mind for while.

​THANKS FOR READING TILL THE END. You get a virtual hug! 

p.s. I might babble more on the next post.


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