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Dear World,

  It has been a while since I wrote a poem so here's a little something dedicated to no one in particular but inspired by various people in my life.

Can I be your best friend?

Can we talk till the late am?
When our voices fill the air,
the world's asleep,
with only stars by our side.
On the phone,
no more text messages,
I miss your voice,
just a whisper, is all I need.

Can you tell me a secret?
Then I will tell you mine,
of a childhood crush,
of the magical fairies by my window,
of the silent tears I shed on the inside.

Can we go out for spontaneous drives?
Take me to a cafe downtown,
to our favorite places.
Maybe I can show you my secret hideout,
many many miles away.

Can we soar across the sky?
Somewhere over the rainbow,
to fix your furrowed brow,
to see the blue birds,
that others will never find.

Can we take a dive, ocean deep?
To retrieve a lost memory,
an unidentified identity.
Maybe then you can tell me,
your long-forgotten childhood dream.

Can I have a hug?
Strong enough to keep me in place,
warm enough to seep into my soul,
before it turns stone-cold.

Will you be my best friend, 
pretty please?

Weather: Hot and humid night
Mood: in need of a proper life
Song: Crush-Yuna ft. Usher

Lots of love,


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