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Dear World,
  So, I have experienced one of the most emotional days as per now on the fateful 3rd of March, the result day of the national exam SPM. After three months of fooling around whilst catching up with friends, the day came by and I was on pricks and needles the whole morning. (I barely slept at all on the night before)

  I hardly ate during breakfast, scrolled through my phone all morning and lurked about on YouTube until it was time for me to hit the 3 minutes drive to school. It is literally that close, barely a song's duration. When I entered school grounds, everyone was everywhere, all over the place. Reunions, hugs and sobs, all over the place. I have been witnessing these for five years, yet it can never be the same when it was me. I was shaking, nervous and had butterflies fluttering throughout my veins. 

  When our principal made her way down from the stairs, she had a smile on her face. It was a good news for her at the very least, I silently thought as I prayed that it was my good news that my class teacher held in her hand. I wanted to be one of the 9721 students so bad. (note: 9721 candidates achieved straight 'A's)

  After a short speech from our principal followed by cheers upon the announcement of the best student (CONGRATS ADEEBAE!!), we fell into lines and anxiously waited for the good/bad news. I felt like I was about to dissolve into tears when it was my turn, though I had no idea what was in store for me. 

  "How many subjects?" my teacher asked.

  "9," I replied while fighting back the stubborn tears. 

*I would no disclose her reply because you don't have to know HAHAHAHAHAH. Just kidding, but seriously you don't have to know, just know that I am very grateful and proud of myself, so are my parents.*

  I am currently signing up for every single scholarship that I am able to scrape up, so I am hoping for the best for myself as well as all of you. Have a great day!

P.S. My parents, my teachers, my friends, my spm paper markers and all my family members, mak cik pak cik cousins. everyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH. and dear self, thank you for trying your best.

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Mood: Sentimental
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Lots of love,


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