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  Here's a picture of the ADORABLE (ASDJHKLJDKF) KWANGSOO. 

  Just a few hours ago, Durrah and I hopped onto the LRT to meet the Asia's Prince, Lee Kwang Soo from Running Man at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge launch which took place at KLCC. I have been a huge fan of Running Man since 2014. Just in case, some of you might not know what's Running Man, it is a really really popular Korean variety show. Below's proof on KwangSoo's popularity in Malaysia, mind you, some were there since 4 in the morning to fight for a good spot to meet the one and only, Asia's Prince.

  The launch was scheduled to start on 10 in the morning, but it started an hour later. We arrived around 10 and the event started at 11.(Note: according to one of my friends who works at KLCC, it was supposed to start at 11, so I guess it was pretty on time, sorry)  My legs were starting to feel sore after the one hour wait, so I really can't phantom the pain of those who there since 4am. After the product presentation given by the vice-president, the anticipated Lee Kwang Soo arrived, the crowd went from tired and silent to EXTREMELY WILD. Well, it was totally expected given that his EXTREMELY INSANE popularity. I know that most of you aren't keen to read what happened during the event, you want the pictures I know.

when Kwangsoo suddenly looks attractive and proper and HANDSOME

Just Kwangsoo being himself

One of the very lucky first 100 buyers of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  I took about close to a hundred pictures but that would take forever for me to upload them and not all of them were of the best quality, so I picked a few decent ones, I hope you don't mind. Actually I don't care HAHHHAHAHAH. All in all, it was great meeting one of the biggest star in Asia and I FANGIRLED SO HARD. (despite the fact that everyone was pushing everyone everywhere) It was a bit saddening that some people were so desperate about taking a picture/touching his hand/God knows what, they were pushing people out of their way in a rather barbaric fashion. Honestly, someone could have died in the chaos. But thankfully, nothing happened as far as I know)

Note: The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was really sleek and pretty, but it costs RM 3099. *runs away because the price is so scary*

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