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Dear World,

  I had the urge to write the moment I woke up so here I am, typing behind the screen. Meeting one of the biggest star in Asia yesterday and witnessing the energy of the fans yesterday, kind of got me thinking about so many things.

Let me make it clear, I have been through that phase when the idols were the only thing on my mind, and I would be screaming so hard over a plain picture of them, I totally understand fangirls/fanboys. Right now, I still enjoy listening to their music and I would totally cry if I went to one of their concerts but I guess, I can say that I got over some of the idols I used to stan (fan language: support) and as for the current ones that I still follow, I am no longer that crazy about them anymore. (still crazy) I am not trying to degrade or throw shade at the fans nor the idols, but what I am trying to emphasise is that are you really in love with the real person or are you in love with the image of them you created in your head? (take a deep breath and think) If your answer is the latter, then there’s no difference to just love towards another fictional character. THEY DON’T EXIST.

Some of the idols create an image which the public believe they are to please the audience, to gain support, to entertain. You could be in love with the image they have on screen but will you love the real them? Even when it comes to people you know in real life, a crush. Sure, you can stalk them on their social medias all you want, but that’s barely a mild 1% of them which they are willing to expose to the public, it might not even be the real them. Oh, you see a cute guy/girl across the street and a few seconds later you claim that you’re in love. Well, do you really think that’s love?

I am not saying it’s not okay to live in your imagination; everyone needs a short break, a getaway from real life once in a while. It’s perfectly fine I do that too, occasionally or maybe all the time. Just don’t get too wrapped up in your imagination until the point where you forget what’s real and what’s not, you will just end up hurting yourself. They can’t live up to your expectation, they wouldn’t even know how you feel, and you will just sink into the black hole of disappointment. What I am trying to say is that you probably wouldn’t end up marrying them and have three kids (I don't know why three kids, but people always say three kids) and live happily ever after. You might be the one, I can’t be certain but what I know is that it can’t be all of us. Not all of us can end up living the dream we have right now, because I mean, every EXO member can’t have 2000 wives each, can they?

I have never been in a relationship before nor have I been in love so I don’t have an in-depth understanding towards a romantic relationship. These are just my mere thoughts and opinions, feel free to rebut or add in more information in the comment section below. (Please be nice, thank you.) Sorry if I just crushed your dreams or even broke it a little, but that’s reality and it hurts. 

Note: Real or not real? I got the idea of the title from the movie, Mocking Jay Part 2, when Peeta asked Katniss about the memories in his head, if they were real or implanted by President Snow. Somewhat a metaphor on love towards real people or the imaginary images/personalities one has in their head.

The question by the end of the day is that,
Will you love them wholly and completely, love all their flaws, love all their imperfections, love them until you are both old and frail? Will you love the most wounded piece of them?

Mood: deep in thought
Weather: no blasting sunshine, but there's light in life
Song: Young and Beautiful-Lana Del Rey

Lyrics to ponder on:
"Will you still love me when
I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when
I got nothing but my aching soul?"
-Part of the chorus from Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey-

Lots of love,


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