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Dear World,
  April slipped by right in front of our eyes, didn't it? or did it crawl by for you? I hope you had a great month and I wish all of you for a good May ahead!!! 

Beautiful music
1.Inside Out-The Chainsmokers ft.Charlee

Found this under the recommendation of Afaf, I fell in love with the lyrics.

Another beautiful piece.

2. What Do You Mean-Justin Bieber (Cover by Punch)

Punch was originated from a hiphop duo with the name of  One Punch, but DANG he can really sing.

(Pour up by Dean)
I LOVE HIS VOICE, and guess how I came across him? The spotify ads that I have always hated, it was an ad on his what2do single and when I heard his voice, I was like OMG I HAVE TO FIND THIS GUY. 

4. Will Jay-Gentleman
One of my favourites just dropped a music video of a track that I have been pretty obsessed about for nearly a month. I just love those quirky lyrics and this music video is just beyond CUTE!

New discoveries
1.Maori Sakai <I linked the blog
This blog has the prettiest and most aesthetic illustrations I have ever came across, I am not too sure but I think I am falling in love with pixels on my screen. The gif below is the illustration that drew my attention and made me find out more. 

Chapters of goodness
1. A Thousand Splendid Suns-Khaled Hosseini
It's a war narrative, which is one of the genres that I seldom lay my hands on. Yet, the author managed to draw in my full attention with a spectacular story line, it's a deeply moving and heartbreaking story that portrays the values of family, friendship, faith, and love. 
Find the summary of the book here

Motion picture
1. The Junglebook
I went on the first day and the showtime was pretty late, 9 pm if I am not mistaken. The movie went way past my usual sleeping hours yet I was able to stay completely awake, that definitely meant something. Besides, I personally think that it's one of the best remakes of all times and absolutely one of my favourites. If you have children in your family or possibly an undying soul of a child in your heart, do make time for it!!

Mood: blazing sunshine 
Weather: sweater weather
Song: Strings by Shawn Mendes

Lots of love,


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