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Dear World,
  Whilst rolling in bed last night, I wrote this. I hope you enjoy it and have a great day.

We could've been happy,
if the sea didn't take you into its embrace,
away from me,
away from your family.
Your father's holding up,
for he's the only one who could prevent,
your mother from breaking apart in his arms,
though pain was tearing him apart.
Your little brother stared blankly at the crowd,
wondering why there was no dinner,
he knew something was wrong,
but he didn't know you were gone.
One day he would find out that you were taken away by God,
far too soon.
And then he would blame fate,
for taking his brother away,
but it was all my mistake.

We could've been happy,
if I wasn't so anxious about going by the beach,
if only you haven't rushed into the ocean so fast,
it was too deep.
One second you were waving brightly at me,
the next you were nowhere to be seen.
The seashells we picked,
the only remnants I have of you with me.

I wish you were here with me,
under the night sky,
the stars resembling your eyes.
I held out my hand,
but they were out of reach,
just like you,
out of my reach.

Can you hear me screaming your name on a mountain peak?
I thought maybe if I was closer to the sky,
maybe just maybe then,
you can hear me.

It has been months since your departure,
to another place (a better place),
far far away.
Everything, everyone seemed to remind me of you,
but not one could have replace you.

Mood: not really feeling much 
Weather: still too much heat 
Song: Roses-The Chainsmokers

Lots of love,


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