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Dear World,

  It has been a while since my last post and I have an explanation for this. So, I posted my last post (a poem) and after that, I made food, went crazy over my food and fell asleep.

  So what have I been up to for the past almost four weeks? Well, I have been researching on STPM and Matrikulasi (I got rejected and I appealed almost immediately), went for a scholarship interview, got rejected by countless scholarships *sobs*, waited for scholarship shortlists and lived in front of my laptop. Anyway, here's a poem update after so long, I hope you're well. 

If you ever felt like a gray sky,
with no light and just pouring rain.
Please know that you're someone's favourite weather,
one who enjoys skipping from one puddle to another,
one who finds ease in your presence,
just listening would suffice.

If you ever felt like a wallflower,
blending into the background,
and you simply have no ground.
Someone would pick up your faint sweet scent,
subtle and light,
just right.

If a person walks into your heart,
made a hole and left,
the spot that your heart used to occupy,
vacant and empty.
Someone would come by,
and definitely stay by,
send you flowers and handwritten letters.

If you ever felt like nothing seemed right,
the world's falling apart,
possibly right before your eyes.
Keep in mind,
you're on someone's mind,
they can make you laugh so hard your ribs might break,
because your heart wasn't bound to break,
because you deserve so much better.

I hope you're well.

Mood: excited for college, yes?
Weather: it's getting cooler 
Song: Changing of the Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club

Lots of love,


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