Dear World,
  The ever-so-long March has finally came to an end, I've decided to start on a new topic, Monthly Favorites!!! I would be sharing my new discoveries and obsessions throughout each month, and here's my March Favorites.

Melodies which were too sweet to resist
1. Roses-Mackenzie Bourg

Mackenzie just got eliminated from American Idol as of the latest episode, landing on the fourth place for the final season. Needless to say, I felt so empty and sad, it was the only American idol elimination that made me cry. I have been supporting him since the auditions, and expected him to go really far. He did go far and he did so well up till now, I really wanted him to go further and even win it. Sorry about the emotional talk but if you love Ed Sheeran's music then I think you would probably enjoy his music. His music is the kind of melody that makes people feel completely relaxed and comfortable.
Note: He just went for the actual recording today and he plans to release this original piece as his first single.

2. D(Half moon)-Dean

Just listen how beautiful his voice is, and I like the live version better than the studio version but both are good. He has a voice that melts onto your eardrum, I am not exaggerating.

3. Crush-Yuna ft. Usher

Yet another beautiful piece from one of my favorite local artists, Yuna.

4.The Truth Is-Jay Park

Jay Park never disappoints and I generally love most of his music, probably excluding the way too hardcore ones. This song is currently one of the songs on my on-the-go playlist, though the lyrics got a little savage at one point, search it up, if you're curious. 

Words that pulled me in
1.The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler 

I would to recommend this to those who are up for thrillers and mysteries. It was definitely a page-turner and I literally couldn't keep my eyes off it, I love how the authors drew the readers in by adding several unexpected twists into the mix. Though, I didn't really enjoy the ending but it was overall, a good read in general. 

-read up the summary on Goodreads-

New Discoveries
1. Raw egg hair mask
I was just lurking around on Internet and I found THIS. I decided to try the raw egg hair remedy and the effects has been amazing, God, I am so glad. (I have never had good hair in my whole life, it's not up to the smooth frizz-less level yet, but it's definitely getting better)

2. Neko Atsume (Sugary style remodel)

I have been with this game for about 3 months and the new update is just way too cute. 

And that's all for now, until then~

Mood: slightly frustrated about the future and studies
Weather: too much heat 
Song: D(half moon)-Dean
Lots of love,


  1. that mackenzie guy pernah masuk the voice kan? he reminds me of joe brooks superman era hehehe

    1. yes he did. Yeah, he sounds a bit like Joe Brooks, but he reminds me a lot of Kris Allen.