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Dear World,
  I have yet survived another school week and orientation has officially ended as of Friday, so I am actually, really, literally, absolutely, definitely starting school on next MONDAY. Am I excited, lazy, a tad bit nervous, worried, happy? Well yes to all, hah. Oh right, I want to drop one more thing here, I made almost the greatest decision of my life to switch to art stream and take up English literature.
source: Just a Regular Bomb by ThatLD on Deviant Art

  It came off as a shock to many since I was a pure science student before this. But, I have decided to stay true to myself and pick what I genuinely enjoy. Besides, I was also afraid that I wouldn't be able to cope with all the science subjects along with maths(T), because truthfully I struggled while studying add maths back in form 5, yet thankfully I still manage to scrape a pretty decent grade for SPM.

 I am blessed with supportive parents, even when they knew perfectly well that staying in science stream would have given me a wider field of choices in my degree as well as my future career. They still told me to go for my passion and cliche but gold, FOLLOW MY HEART. All in all, all is well and I am ending this with a poem I wrote during the weekends, have a great week!!!

Can You Feel It Too?

I can hear my heartbeat,
feel the pumping on my chest,
whenever you're around.
Your eyes seem to be the trigger,
of my beetroot cheeks,
of my racing heart,
of my shaking hands,
of the butterflies in my stomach.

Your smile is the catalyst,
of my twinkling eyes,
it's my greatest distraction.
I watch your back,
as you turn away.
I watch you through the curtains,
shielding my face.

you barely notice my existence,
as I am barely in your life.
Words were never exchanged between us,
but our eyes met along the hallway,
ever so briefly.
We have crossed paths,
but do I ever cross your mind?

I saw your eyes on me,
and I start to wonder if,
I was staring too intently or,
were you perhaps looking in my way?
Are you allowing me to enter your vision,
did I force my way in,
or was it just a mere gaze?
I have never asked,
and you wouldn't say,
after all we only meet along the hallway.

My heart is racing a little for you,
can you feel it too?

Song: I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston
Weather: hmm, I need hot cocoa
Mood: school yay?

Lots of love,


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