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Dear World,
  I have survived the actual week one of my form six life, whilst making friends, studying and falling sick *sobs*. This week was pretty tiring for me as I still haven't manage to adjust my brain according to the schooling hours after lazing around for five whole months. But I really got to buck up since diagnostic tests are in a month, crazy isn't it? I will have a total of four exams for this semester, form six is once again, no joke at all. As hectic as life can be with studies, I have slowly adapted to this school and I think, I am able to blend in well in this community of people with various backgrounds, from different schools. As much as I miss my high school life, my affection for this place is starting to grow in me gradually. 

  Here's a poem I wrote while trying to fight off the cough and flu.

I Told

If you ever wondered,
have I spoke of you,
to a friend, a stranger, a foe, a flower.
Sit tight and listen,
let me answer.

I told a friend,
how you memorize all the lyrics of your favorite songs but never sang,
flunk your history test,
yet spending all night trying to remember all the constellations on the night sky.
You said,
that's closest you can ever get,
to a long lost childhood friend.

I told a stranger,
how sunflowers are your greatest enemy,
and roses are your greatest relief.
I told him,
your words are as precious as gold,
and so is your heart,
warm and whole.
I told her,
how your words and affection encircle me like hugs,
how you knew me the best,
always ready to put my tears to rest.

I told a foe,
how the silence between us was never awkward,
it's nothing but a warm breeze of comfort.
I told my enemy,
how your confidence radiates through your soul,
you are my source of positive energy
and my happy pill.

I told a flower,
how petty you can be in an argument,
yet how pretty your smile is,
how you are both my greatest embarrassment,
and my greatest blessing.

That's all for now, have a great week!!

Song: Don't want your love by Shawn Mendes
Weather: pretty warm
Mood: sick but alright

Lots of love,


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