Dear World,

Connection through chords
1. The Key to Her Heart by Reuby
I found this gem, it's one of the OSTs for a korean drama, SPY that I completed early this month.

2. Eternal Love by Micheal Learns to Rock
One of the cutest and best korean dramas I have ever came across. But, the main thing is the song, AHHH SO GOOD and soothing. I used to listen to it on repeat while I study.

3.Need to be Needed by Amber of f(x)
Amber dropped this track a week ago, I think, or was it the music video, BUT IT'S SO GOOD AND ADDICTIVE. I am speechless and in love with the melody. "Drowning in the thought of you" that line, I just feel it omg.

Words that etched deeply
1. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
That's actually a picture of my own copy, I am posting it mainly because I love with the cover design (if I am not mistaken, it's a special edition published in conjunction with Picador's 40th anniversary, 2012). Anyway, back to the book, I really enjoy the structure of sentences in the book, I find them very um...poetic(?), but I reassure you it's an interesting read and most definitely not one of those books with a pretty cover but very very bland story line. (IT'S ALREADY MY SECOND TIME READING THIS). Read the synopsis HERE.

There's nothing much on this month's favorites because I have been busy with school and I barely have any time to be obsessed with anything at all. 
P.S. I have cracking raw eggs on my head for about two months until now, and honestly it's working (gradually). 

Song: Fire by BTS
Mood: sleepy so I gotta finish this fast
Weather: warm

Lots of love,


  1. the lovely bones tu i tengok movie dia menangis huhu and what do you mean you have raw eggs on your head?

    1. right, it's so good. Raw eggs as hair mask(ref march fav: