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Dear World,
  On this gloriously fine morning, Aisyah, Durrah and I hopped onto the LRT and made our way to the Urbanscapes house located at Jalan Hang Kasturi (the old white OCBC bank building). Well, according to the website, we wouldn't miss it, but don't be tricked, you need to go the right way to not miss it. It took us about ten to fifteen minutes to find it (ok it wasn't that hard but some people took an hour), but if you see this construction site and a brown clock tower on the way, you are probably on the right track. That only applies if you are coming from the masjid jamek lrt station.

Here's a picture of the building that I got off their Instagram page

And, here's a map from their website.
  After being greeted by the cooling air condition and a friendly guy at the registration counter, we headed up first floor for the CANNOT BE BO[A]RDED exhibition. Quoting directly from the booklet: "The title CANNOT BE BO[A]RDED, subverts the expression by suggesting that the board[er] exists outside this subculture. The exhibition shares with audiences the influences that echo beyond the peripheries of the skate culture." Here's a few and only a few parts of the exhibition, if I were to post everything here there will be not point for you to go plus my laptop keeps overheating. Remember to get a booklet when you're there, it provides an in-depth description of each piece of artwork and their message hidden in each work.

Stand Tall by Najib Ahmad Bamdhaj

In Between by Shafiq Nordin 

The Burden of Power is Never Light by Ryf Zaini

Better Apart by Speak Cryptic

  Moving on to the underground vault for the exhibition by Minut Init.

After constant photography in the embrace of neon lights (Durrah: I look so lit), we went into two mini exhibition rooms.


  After grabbing some food at the Urbanscapes Cafe, we set off to the Galeri Petronas @ KLCC. We were required to register as well, but as a group instead of individual registrations. I can barely remember the name of the artists (I apologise, I am so sorry) but I have been truly mesmerised by every piece of art in the gallery. Here are some more pictures.

  It was an exhibition of the work of 40 artists so I assumed there were 40 pieces of art being exhibited, sorry I can't post all of them. I don't want to spoil the fun and once again, my laptop hates me. That was a great day, until then. Have a great week!!

URBANSCAPES HOUSE (23rd of April till 8th of May)
ADDRESS: 2, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
NOTE: there will be more activities and booths on weekends. 

YOUNG MALAYSIAN ARTIST III @ KLCC (23rd of February till 22nd of May)

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