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Dear World,

  I have been on break for more than a week now and I figured it's about time for another update, since my break's ending this week. Well, after that, it's the real start of my Semester 1 as an STPM student *shivers in fear*. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece and till then.

A Prediction of Loss

I don't know why,
but I feel it so strong,
today, one of those uneventful Mondays.
Happiness is up to the brim,
yet I am so afraid,
that I might lose them all one day,
maybe one of those gloomy Mondays.

Your sunshine-like vibe so seemingly strong,
one day it will be long gone.
Will I still have the privilege to be truly happy?
Would I ever smile again when I hear your name?
Would I run after a stranger one day?
thinking it's you,
only to find,
a pair of unfamiliar eyes staring blankly at my face.

Will I miss the touch of your callus-filled hands?
as I strum the strings of a guitar,
bearing your name.
Would I write a poem about us?
Can I bear the pain?

Will I hear your laughter echoing in four walls?
which holds the table that you used to sleep on,
abandoning your bed.
Would I feel the sharp stab when I read the carbon words of yours?
etching deep on the pages of your leather notebook.
Would I cry in the arms of your mother?
mourning the loss of the prettiest flower,
we used to share.


Song: UGH by The 1975
Mood: alright, I guess
Weather: there are no stars on the polluted dark night sky

Lots of love,


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