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Dear World,
  Throughout my unproductive days of my raya holidays, I actually wrote something, so here you go!

We think of the tomorrow that has yet to come,
we think of the future,
of what we were to become.
We think of our worst fear,
when it's not even near.
We think of what we love the most,
truly and deeply,
only when it's irretrievably lost.
We think about the traffic,
the ever changing weather,
everything that didn't really matter.
What we truly want in life is never the first matter.

We chase after worthless gold,
the ever fading appearance,
likewise the constantly rotating,
wall of fame.
when fame and lame are just really a line, a curve apart.

When our hearts are bound with steel,
only then we realize
what drives us forward is what we truly desire.
When you're wheelchair-bound,
only then you realize,
your paychecks can't make you spin,
like that one night you sneaked out of home,
gone wild on the dance floor,
of your very last senior prom.

How many days have you been truly ecstatic?
Skip and leap,
twirl at your feet,
run through the wind.
Feel your heart leap,
feel the waves crashing at your feet,
caress the wind,
with a daffodil.
Tell me yes tell me,
how many days has it been since you smiled to yourself?
feeling sincerely glad,
glad that you came along.

  I hope you had a great raya/holiday, enjoy your weekend because school's reopening soon (I sort of want to go back to school and be productive, but I sort of need more days to stay unproductive and roll around in bed all day). Until then, good night!

Song: Four Pink Walls by Alessia Cara
Weather: it's not too warm or chilly (i am happy yes)
Mood: I have pretty deep thoughts running about atm

Lots of love,


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