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Dear World,

  YAY, I finally made time for another update, despite the fact that my monthly exam is within a week and I am so battered from excessively packed school routine. It's about time for a getaway, so I wrote one up to quench the thirst of my blooming wanderlust.


I want to go on the most spontaneous adventures,
leaving all these seemingly essentials,
cast packing and that phone aside,
only with my camera and a notebook,
we could run across the world.
Find somewhere high up,
I want to see the world,
observe the blinking light of nightlife.
I would pitch a tent on the peak of the highest mountain within sight,
to sit tight and think about my next flight,
or maybe I should fight.
Think about the next place that I have yet to venture,
sip in murky black coffee,
appreciate the warmth,
allow the aroma to fill my lungs,
under the pitch black sky.
I would listen to your voice,
as you sing to the chill of the night.
Maybe we wouldn't sleep at all,
huddling close,
talk over everything but the weather,
about you and me,
our make-believe future,
I am a little afraid that the tent might fall apart,
upon the weight of our massive dreams and vague memories.

I would allow so many things to run across my mind,
on our way back,
on the back of your van,
as I watch the sun rise from the horizon.

  Until then, have a great week!

Song: Suffer by Charlie Puth
Mood: tired but alright
Weather: just the right sort of chill

Lots of love,


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