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Dear World,

  I haven’t been updating new poems for such a long while but I really don’t have materials to write on and classes are jam-packed, I barely have time. I think I am adapting well to this new place, in the context where I have friends to eat with during recess. Nah, I am just joking, I am pretty surprised how fast I bonded with my schoolmates and I made friends or did I? (Note: I actually wrote this paragraph in school, was it recess?)

  Anyway, the very much overdue june favorites. 

New jams, old jams, jam tarts
1. Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan
I have been pretty obsessed with this little ball of sunshine since earlier this year and I just got hooked onto this beautiful track recently, which is kind of weird because I have been listening to his album on repeat for months now. Anyway, if you are into those soft ballads with a mix of "upbeat edm-ish" sort of music (the troye music), well this track's for you. Btw, correct me if there's a better way of describing it.

2. Rhythm Ta by iKON
I have always been a fan of iKON ever since their predebut era, and I have heard this song countless times, but once again, I just started liking it a lot recently. odd odd. But if you're into upbeat, hiphop music, you will like this one.

Let's just say I pretty addicted to so many songs produced by Gray, because I like the vibe of Gray, does that make sense? Either way it's a great song and I have been obsessed for days since they dropped the track. 

Strings of letters, a chain of sentences
1. The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of Jodi Picoult but I do have quite a collection of her work, I am oddly fond of this one because it's a little less like the cliche Jodi Picoult ones, I am not saying it's anything bad but I find this fresh approach pretty refreshing and I like it. This one does not only revolve around family but it brings in the main character, a typical teenage's problems (friends and boys, well obviously) and like always it takes an unexpected twist and left me thinking about it for days. PS. I love the comic inserts.
Read the summary here 

  That's all about June favorites! Moving on to my life, it has been hectic as hell, you can't imagine and it's bound to become worse. I just sat for my diagnostic test on the 29th and 30th, I am pretty sure I flopped this time. I don't know how bad I flopped but it's definitely not good. Honestly speaking, I have so much to catch up on since everything is so new, syllabus, rules, attire(I have to plan that everyday brrrr, I miss school uniforms. I don't mind planning my outfit when I go out but everyday for school, nah not really my thing), the place, the people et cetera. Everything is good for now but I still need more time, well especially on my studies, I HAVE ANOTHER EXAM IN LESS THAN A MONTH??? (how did my seniors cope is still my biggest wonder) 

  It's a school, we will definitely have events coming up so often that we need hibernation every weekend. Man, this routine is taking toll on me in general, my sleep, my skin, my brain, everything. I don't think a weekly update is possible anymore but I will try to write a poem or two in a month at least. 

PS. I went out with one of my friends yesterday to catch Now You See Me 2 and personally, I liked it more than the first and it was not bad, well the tricks left me in awe. And Dave Franco, where do I start? well, to summarize my possibly 500 word essay: HE'S GORGEOUS. 

HAPPY EID MUBARAK and have a blessed raya. Until then. 

Song: Heartbreak Hotel by Tiffany ft Simon D
Weather: warm (I miss the chilly wind from a few weeks back)
Mood; hibernating while studying 

Lots of love,


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