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Dear World,
  How are you doing? I am fine but worn out, along with co-curriculum activities, (yes, we still have that in form 6, since we are still considered as high school students) studies, responsibilities, and did i mention co-curriculum? But either way, August has been fun but tiring, especially last week, our school hosted the MSSS and the editorial board had to open up a stall in order to raise funds for school magazine publishing expenses. I didn't know leading such a huge team and organising a stall could be such a tough job until I took it up. Honestly, I was extremely stressed out and I was on the verge of breaking apart but God bless my great great team, THANK YOU, YOU MADE IT HAPPEN, it went so well and for that I am beyond grateful. 
  This Monday during Merdeka celebration, English club had a poem recital performance, they recited two poems and one of them was written by me. I didn't really like the poem but it's all good. At least, my words are making their mini debuts to the crowd. Other than the performance, this week was fine and carefree, aside from the fact that I have to try to keep up with  my studies since trials in in 18 days. (I have been skipping classes a little and all these responsibilities of co-curriculum activities are definitely pulling me down for a bit, but no worries, I will and have to buck up in no time)

  I will be ending the favourites section of my blog because first I barely have time to read, let alone write about books or music every month. But I have been pretty obsessed with gnash's music for this month, me, u, and US are beautiful albums. The lyrics are so raw, I LOVE IT. listen to tell me it's okay, okay?

  And here's a poem that I wrote in this hustle and bustle of 31 days. 

Amidst the sea of,
crashing waves,
of stagnant water,
of ripples crashing onto the shore.
Thoughts in a bottle,
in a jar,
caught up and caught within.
I spelled out your name,
using twigs on the sand,
the waves didn't come,
it remained,
suddenly strange and unknown,
jumbled up and mixed about,
like the emotions I once had. 
Now I feel none,
but the salt against my tongue.
I yearn to speak your name,
call out for that familiar silhouette,
but I am tongue-tied,
and you are tied up,
with strings of society and anxiety.

You fear oblivion,
but don't you know,
I will never leave your side. 
I fear
losing you.  


Song: Warisan
Weather: great, there's rain, let there be no haze
Mood: trials :)))))))

Lots of love,


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